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About us

We recently added new services to our business. With puppy fraud on the rise we make it Our Mission at Smiling Shibas to help our community members vet out and find reputable breeders safely without any risk.

*With our matchmaking service you let us know what breed, sex, color, age and your budget and we will find the puppy of your dreams. Being a retired military member I make it my business to protect my community members against puppy fraudsters. 

*We are also USDA licensed and we offer  a puppy transport service to anyone needing to safely transport their puppy anywhere west of the Mississippi. 


We also provide Quality, Healthy, Well Bred puppies to families.

We do this by only breeding the best and healthiest parents we can find. We feed a premium dog food and work closely with our Veterinarian to develop and maintain high quality standards and ensure the health and well-being of our parent dogs and puppies.

Our goal is to have a positive impact on the pet industry and to build trust between us the puppy breeder, and you. We prefer meet and greets in person so we get to know all of our families first hand. 

*We have many close friends that breed a variety of puppies and we also help advertise their puppies through our reputable website. all of the puppies we have physically put our hands on to make sure that they are healthy and good temperament. Many websites are filled with fraudulent adds, so many breeders prefer to not advertise on questionable sites. 

*We are always available to talk. If you have any questions please contact us. You are always welcome to visit but do call first for an appointment.

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