These are soft, peanut butter banana cupcakes decorated with a hard yogurt coating. These are perishable, soft cupcakes. Perfect sized for a medium to large dog, or they can be cut for smaller dogs. They are best cut with a serrated knife. Storage instructions are right on the front of the container, as these are perishable cupcakes and do need to be stored in the freezer or refrigerator upon receipt. Please remove paper wrapper and discard before serving.

Cupcake size: 2.5"

Ingredients: bananas, oat flour, honey, peanut butter, eggs, peanut oil, baking powder, cinnamon, vanilla extract and baking soda. Topped with yogurt coating (yogurt powder, non fat milk powder, modified tapioca starch, egg whites, tapioca maltodextrin, apple pectin, granulated rice and titanium dioxide), vegetable coloring and carob.

Made in United States of America

Dog Cupcakes (Perishable)